3 Times When You Should Consider A Low-Carb Diet

Posted on: 1 August 2019

Everyone has their own opinions on the right diet to lose weight and keep it off, but realistically, each person will respond differently to each diet. There are some situations when you may find you are more successful with a low-carb diet over other options.

You Struggle With Hunger

The struggle with hunger can make it impossible to stick with a low-calorie diet. Most people who adopt a low-carb diet find it is much easier to manage their hunger and stay satiated between meals. Many people who eat more carbohydrates claim simply switching from simple to complex carbs should be enough to derail hunger, but this does not work for everyone. You do not need to eliminate all carbs from your diet or even adopt a very-low-carb diet to notice a difference. Sometimes you will need to experiment with different types of carbs to determine which ones affect your appetite. For example, brown rice is a popular complex carb, but it may not be as satiating as eating a sweet potato.

You're Diabetic

The wave of variations in low-carb diets has been instrumental in helping some people with diabetes manage their condition while losing weight. When you eat fewer carbs, not only do you minimize blood glucose levels, but you also avoid insulin spikes. People with diabetes may find they need to be stricter with low-carb diets by leaving most fruits as a special treat and only occasionally eating a few berries. Some people with diabetes find this way of eating allows them to eventually reduce or stop taking their medications even though they just started their journey. The drastic change in diabetes that can occur with adopting a low-carb diet shows how much diet plays a role in the development of type 2 diabetes.

You Want To Gain Muscle

It is generally considered difficult to build muscle while losing fat, but it tends to be easier for people who are new to working out. Since muscle requires protein for rebuilding, you can only reduce carbs or fats when you are building muscle. Carbs are not essential, so it is better to have healthy fats and cut your carbohydrates. Generally, the people who may need more carbs are endurance athletes, such as those who participate in long runs. If your focus is on gaining muscle, your body can produce enough carbs from proteins to give you energy for your workouts.

When trying to lose weight, there is more to finding the right diet than counting calories. For some people, adopting a low-carb lifestyle is the right strategy for weight loss. If you need help losing weight, sign up for a weight-loss program in your area.