3 Tips For Your First Tapping For Weight Loss Session

Posted on: 3 April 2019

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as tapping, is a holistic, alternative approach to healing a wide range of emotional and psychological distress. Tapping incorporates principles of Chinese acupuncture along with modern psychology and self-help. While tapping is often used as an approach for helping with anxiety or PTSD, it can also be helpful for those looking to lose weight, especially if you struggle with guilt or shame regarding your weight, food issues, or overall health. Here are a few tips for your first EFT for weight loss session:

Know How Tapping Works

Your EFT practitioner will gently tap on your pressure points or meridians in the same way that an acupuncturist would gently place needles on these points. While tapping, they will also ask questions about the issues you are experiencing with weight loss and body image. You will not feel pressured to discuss anything you don't want to.

The key to EFT is that it helps your brain link issues in your past and self-esteem to the problems you're having with weight loss. The gentle tapping on your pressure points signals to your brain to calm down and feel more at ease when it comes to weight. Many people find that EFT tapping sessions combine the benefits of therapy and acupuncture into one.

Know What Comes Next

For many people, their first EFT tapping session is a very emotional experience. You may feel waves of euphoria and energy, and you may also cry. For this reason, it's suggested that you schedule your first session for a day when you can relax at home afterward. You may need time to reflect on the experience, write in a journal, or take a nap. EFT is a simple method, so after a few sessions, you will likely be able to implement the technique on your own at home as well.

Combine Tapping With Other Methods

Tapping makes a great complement to other weight loss methods. For example, when combined with working with a personal trainer and a nutritionist, you may find that the tapping helps amplify the results of your workouts and healthier eating. EFT tapping can help resolve the emotional and psychological components of weight problems so that you can more easily tackle the practical details like embracing a healthier diet. 

Working with the right tapping practitioner and keeping these tips in mind will help ensure you make the most of your first EFT for weight loss session.