3 Tips For Using Kratom For Chronic Pain

Posted on: 26 November 2018

Kratom is a popular supplement that is frequently used to manage chronic pain, especially when people want to stop prescription pain medications or they find their current treatments are not effective. Using Kratom for chronic pain can require significant trial and error before finding the right strain. Keep the following information in mind if you want to try Kratom. 

Try Multiple Strains

If you are purchasing Kratom, it is best to start by purchasing a small amount of several different strains. Generally, red varieties are often recommended for their pain-reducing properties, but green and white might also be helpful. Since there is no established dosage for Kratom, it is best to choose one strain and take a small amount to determine if you notice any benefits or side effects. After waiting several hours, you might try a slightly higher dose. If you are beginning to notice any unpleasant side effects, it is best to wait until the next day and start trying a different strain. There can also be variations in the effect of Kratom based on how you take the supplement. Some people choose the pill form, whereas others prefer the powder so they can use it as tea.

Use Other Approaches

Since Kratom is considered to have properties that affect opioid receptors, it is reasonable that the supplement may not help all types of pain. For example, even prescription opioids might be helpful in reducing sharp pain but often do little to help burning or aching that might be classic with inflammation-based pains. You might find alternating between Kratom and another pain-reliever works better to reduce your overall pain. Some people who use Kratom in lieu of prescription opioids find they also need an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication. People who are currently taking prescription pain medications find Kratom helps to reduce the amount of prescription medications they currently use.

Pay Attention To Other Benefits

Kratom is considered helpful for a wide variety of problems, such a fatigue, anxiety, and insomnia, depending on the strain. Even if a specific strain is not helpful for pain directly, you might find it has other benefits that make it easier to cope with chronic pain. Many people with chronic pain also experience significant levels of anxiety about their pain, which tends to make pain harder to tolerate or can make their pain worse. Additionally, poor sleep quality commonly occurs in people with chronic pain. If you find Kratom helps reduce your anxiety, it might be a good option to add to your pain management approach. Some people with chronic pain take a small dose of Kratom at night if it helps them sleep better.

People with poorly-controlled chronic pain often try different supplements to see if they can gain better control of the problem. Kratom is one type of supplement that has helped some people achieve a better quality of life despite daily pain. If you're ready to give Kratom a try, you can find wholesale Kratom online