2 Things That You Need To Do When Trying To Get Approved For Medicinal Marijuana

Posted on: 14 July 2016

Medicinal marijuana is often a great resource for many individuals suffering from severe health issues due to the large number of beneficial properties that it can provide. However, getting approved for medicinal marijuana can often be a very difficult process due to all of the red tape involved in the process. Listed below are two things that you can do that can help you get approved for medicinal marijuana. 

Make Sure That You Have A Qualifying Condition

One of the most important things to do when applying for medicinal marijuana is to make sure that your condition is qualified and approved by your state. This is very important because not every medical condition has been approved by every state. For example, one state may list PTSD as a qualifying condition while another state may not consider marijuana as a useful treatment for that same condition. 

The easiest way to get this information is to simply speak with your doctor or ask the staff at a nearby medicinal marijuana dispensary. Do not get discouraged if your condition is not listed as a qualifying condition in your state, as your doctor may still be able to help.

In some cases, your doctor can prescribe medicinal marijuana for a condition that has not been approved for it if he or she can justify why you need the medicinal marijuana. This justification can often include a lack of response from traditional treatments or medications. 

Find A Doctor That Is Willing To Prescribe Medicinal Marijuana

One big step that must be completed before you can get your medicinal marijuana card is having a doctor fill out all your forms. However, this may require you to visit multiple doctors, as some of them are unconvinced of the medical benefits of marijuana, or have not done enough research on their own into the benefits of marijuana for your particular condition. In that situation, you may have to find a doctor that is knowledgeable about marijuana and is willing to consider prescribing it for your condition.

This can save you quite a bit of time, as working with a doctor that is unwilling to provide a prescription for medicinal marijuana can be a major issue. In that situation, you could end up going through years of traditional and ineffective treatments simply because your physician may not be willing or knowledgeable enough to consider an alternative, such as medicinal marijuana. 

Contact a medical marijuana supplier like Citadel Alternative Care today in order to discuss what requirements you need to meet in order to receive medicinal marijuana. By making sure that you have a qualifying condition and finding a doctor who is willing to prescribe medicinal marijuana, you can make the process of getting approved for medicinal marijuana much easier.