Natural Infertility Treatments For Men And Women: Simple Things You Can Do At Home

Posted on: 28 September 2015

Infertility rates, as measured by the CDC in women of traditional childbearing years, are estimated at approximately ten percent of all women in this category. The number only drops slightly to six percent, when unmarried women of the same age are excluded. With the price of medical infertility treatments soaring, men and women are looking to natural and homeopathic remedies to treat and/or cure their infertility issues before trying anything that will cost thousands of dollars. Here are a few treatments men or women can try at home.

Treatments for Men

Male fertility can be affected by heat. When the testicles are too warm, sperm die off and are reabsorbed into the body. This is the direct result of frequent hot tubbing or saunas, pants and underwear that are too tight, and sitting in a chair all day while your testicles get overly warm. You can counteract this form of male infertility with:

  • Looser clothing
  • No hot tubbing, saunas or boiling hot showers
  • Getting up and moving around at work every couple of hours, if your boss permits it
  • Ice packs to the scrotum, which are uncomfortable, but effective
  • Underwear made with a special cooling panel to support the testicles and help keep them cool

As for low sperm motility, you can take additional vitamins and supplements which have shown to increase sperm motility. These vitamins and supplements include:

  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • L-arginine
  • Maca
  • Ginseng (which can also increase your energy and give you a boost for sex)

All of these vitamins and supplements can be purchased from a pharmacy or health and wellness store.

Treatments for Women

Diet is possibly the number one reason why some women cannot conceive. When your body does not have what it needs to support itself and support a growing life from within, you will have much more difficult time conceiving or carrying a child to term. The first thing that most natural health care practitioners recommend is to change your diet and move away from anything that is not organic, not free-range and not pesticide-free. Many hormones and pesticides used to encourage animals to produce more meat and more eggs and the pesticides that protect against invading insects can completely disrupt your own natural hormone levels.

If you have already switched over to a completely organic diet, then the next step is to take lots of prenatal supplements. Even medical doctors will tell you that folic acid and extra vitamins are essential to prenatal care and fetal development. Vitamins from the B family will help you maintain your energy while also providing any baby you conceive with what it needs for healthy brain development. Vitamin D and vitamin A are also important because they support your body while helping a fetus develop bones, muscles, skin and good eyes/eyesight.

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