Searching For Organic Anti-Aging Cream: What Natural Ingredients Should Be On The Label

Posted on: 30 April 2015

Living a purely organic lifestyle often presents some problems when you want to find natural health and hygiene products. You want to be sure that animal parts are not part of the equation, since animals are often injected with hormones and antibiotics. These chemicals can leach into the parts of the animals used to make health and hygiene products, which goes against your efforts to be completely organic. When you are trying to find an organic anti-aging cream, you really need to read the label. Here is a list of natural skin care ingredients to look for.

Argan Oil

Harvested from the Argan trees of Morocco, this oil acts more like a serum than an oil. It penetrates the driest, roughest skin, smoothing it, softening it and allowing dead cells to flake off easily. It helps expose healthier skin underneath and adds a slight plumping effect so that the wrinkles you already have become less noticeable.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is found in almost every skin care product produced for the treatment of scars and scar tissue. Vitamin E, when taken internally and applied topically, renews and revitalizes skin cells that have lost their elasticity. It gives your face a little lift, making it appear less saggy. When vitamin E is extracted from sources like avocados, which are naturally high in this vitamin, you can be sure that it is extracted from organic fruits.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C fights free radicals, the elements in the air that block the skin's ability to breathe, make it dirty and force your skin to age faster than it should. As evidence to support the use of this ingredient in organic cosmetics, many health spas now offer injections of vitamin C, or intense facial masks with high concentrates of the vitamin. Tropical fruits, namely oranges and pineapples, have high amounts of vitamin C. Organically grown tropical and citrus fruits should be listed individually if more than one contributes this vitamin to the skin care products you are looking for. Carrots and carrot seed may also be listed as the source of vitamin C.

Shea and Cocoa Butters

Both of these "butters" have been used in the cosmetics industries for years to soften and firm skin. However, the difference between organic use and traditional cosmetics is that the butters are extracted from fruits and seeds that have not been processed with chemicals or sprayed with chemicals during the growing process. That means that these chemicals are not accidentally transferred to your skin and you get the pure benefits of these super-emollients, which also soothe and comfort irritated skin. To find out more, contact a company like Oasis Advance Wellness LLC.